7 things your travel agent won't tell you (but we just so totally did)

  1. When we've found a 'good deal' on flights, we are just as surprised as you are.

Seriously- we don't control any prices, and flights are the most notorious for changing up and down as they like. So even for the most seasoned travel agent, when we've found that magical flight that every agent dreams of booking, we are probably more chuffed than you are that we found the flights to Bangkok for £250 return!travelagent4.jpg

      2. We are bound by T&Cs as much as you are! 

With travel, things can go wrong, and yes, we all protect ourselves (and each other) with a. good insurance, and b. good terms and conditions. Please remember, that this is YOUR trip so you need to take some ownership! Check that stuff is booked correctly, check that hotels are confirmed, etc! Some airport pickups, for example, tell you to confirm 24h before you are due to use it, so make sure you do that! We are well protected when we sell products and services to you, but remember, so are you! If you are unclear, it is always easy to ask us-- but make sure you don't wait for us to tell you! This is especially true for visas! Don't assume that we will take care of it for you- that's YOUR responsibility! 

      3.Tours are actually the lazy backpacker's dream... and it's our dream too.

So many 'seasoned' backpackers think that escorted tours are for losers or for newbies... well, that's not true. If I have 2 weeks off to explore India, I don't want to be stressed out for two weeks and missing trains I didn't know I booked. I want to enjoy it. What's wrong with letting someone take care of that for me? And I also get to experience some pretty cool stuff I wouldn't have known about, not even from an in-depth guide book! 

       4. Going above and beyond is our pleasure, not an obligation

Listen, as travel agents, we've been there, done that, and bought the 'stuck in an airport' t-shirt. We will do our best to make sure that it doesn't happen to you, and we will stay late, call airlines, raise hell for you to get on that flight so you can start that tour where they take you bungy jumping over Lake Taupo. Trust us, we are working our hardest for you. Sometimes these things just take a bit longer than you (AND US!!) want them to. It means another sleepless night for us, too, when we don't get you what you need.  


  5. You need us for the stories so you know how to make your own!

The age of the Internet has ruined the person-to-person relationship... I mean, swiping on Tinder for dates? puh-leeze. You will probably always find a slightly better deal online that will save you a tenner, or you're always going to stumble onto a blog where a person lived on $5USD a day in Peru that is going to undermine what we say. But dude, seriously, we do this for a living. You're not the first person that's gone to Macchu Picchu to 'find themselves', so trust us when we tell you what's what! And we have some pretty awesome stories, so you know what is possible! 


     6. Even if we've done the trip you are about to do... we are still jealous

Yeah, you don't know how painful it is every time someone books that 5 day trip through Scotland. It was one of the best trips that I'd ever done, despite it being so close to home, and it being in the middle of winter. The group on the tour was just amazing, the guide was too, and we had sunshine the whole week. It was meant to be! And every time I tell people that, they go for it too, and I wish I could be on that trip with them singing to bad Backstreet Boys songs while we stared out at the rolling Scottish Hills. 

     7. We are probably the most genuine sales people you will ever meet! 

At the end of the day, we are a company that needs to make sales targets. But the important thing to remember is that we are also fellow travellers, and ultimately, your great experience is more important to us. We will always go out of our way to make sure that your experience is fantastic and epic!! So let's get your adventure planning started!! WEE!


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