Visiting Iguazu Falls

Before I visited Brazil I did not know it might hold one of the most majestic wonders of the world. Sure I knew about Christ Redeemer, and the Copacabana beach but something else, something so wonderfully beautiful was just around the corner! Foz Du Iguazu, a small city on the border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay lies the almighty waterfalls of Iguazu and boy is it something!

To put it into perspective, Iguazu Falls is four times as wide as Niagara Falls in Canada, and is in fact not just one waterfall but a collection of 275 individual cascades viewable from all countries. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and in 2011 finally became the New Seven Wonders of Nature. As it joins three countries (showing you just how MASSIVE it really is), it is suggested that you take advantage of the completely different views of the Iguazu waterfalls by visiting both the Brazil and Argentina sides. I did not hear all that much about the Paraguay side, though I was told by a number of the locals and staff at my hostel that it was not as spectualar as Brazil and Argentina so I opted only to visit these.

Brazil Side

To visit the Iguazu falls on the Brazil side you need to reach the city of Foz du Iguazu. Not an awful lot to do here to be honest apart from the falls, though I would suggest visiting Churrascaria do Gaucho, an all you can eat meat restaurant of the Brazilian kind. Make sure you make your way to the Path of the Falls! This trail of 1,200 meters brings you face to face with the almighty Devils Throat (a must see!).

At this point you can take a lift to have a jaw dropping aerial view of the entire falls! The Brazil side has some really amazing view points and you can get right up and personal with the falls – awesome picture and video opps that is for sure!

Looking at the falls from Brazil side is out of this world. Every corner you are surprised at just how awesome this place is!

Argentina Side

The Argentina side is much more build up, a more Disney World feeling to it (you actually get a full on park map!). A theme park feel does not ruin the main attraction though.

At this side of the falls you can explore walking trails and experience the park’s tropical rainforest and hear the full power of the waterfalls in the background. The July South America weather was a pain so going around this time a rain coat is very much needed! This side of the falls is massive so you have to pay for the Jungle Train (comes with your ticket price) within the forest to get to the actual falls. You have plenty to see around here as it is massive, though I went right for the falls to see what amazing pics I could snap! The place really does look different to Brazil side and at every turn you can see amazing views, truly wonder of the world views so get that camera at the ready. I was blown away, not by the weather but by the awe of this place. This amazing place is genuinely not to be missed when travelling South America! Top Tip- don't just opt for one side of the Falls! Try and make time for both!

This is a guest blog post by Dan Elson Founder of a recent backpacker who believes that travel should be for everyone. Dan’s mission is to inspire others to take the leap and travel the world just like him.

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