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Roisin: I often get asked why I like to travel...? "Because it's amazing!" That's my usual response...! But I thought I would draw up a little list to share why I love it so much and why it benefit you!! See below... I will definitely always be a traveller that's for sure!!

Why Travel...?   

1. Why Not! - You only live once!

2. To Become a Culture Vulture - Learn how other cultures live, think, eat, sleep and see the world from a different perspective.

3. Grow your Confidence - One of the best ways to grow in confidence, Yes it can be very daunting, but once you have met so many random people, spoken a few languages, tried to salsa, volunteered or whatever you are planning - you will now be able to grasp whatever life throws at you!

4. Independence - You are and can be that independent person you have always wanted to be.

5. To become a more Interesting Person - Imagine all the stories you will have, all the people you have met, you will have your friends entertained for a long time!

6. Looks Fantastic on your CV - Travel in a no brainer when it comes to your CV, showing you have the confidence to see the world and meet new people, to be able to throw yourself in the deep end is something very courageous and that's what employers want!

7. A well Travelled Individual is HOT! Not just because of your tan! But because of your confidence, your stories, your outgoingness and love for the world.

8. To get some 'YOU' Time - Gives you a chance to breathe, Which can be difficult in todays day to day exsistance. Perhaps you can finish that 3000 page book you have been meaning to finish...?

9. Opens your Eyes - to everything, contrasting cultures, diverse foods, different people, slower pace, different way of looking at the world... for the better!

10. Freedom! The moment you take off - you feel fabulous! You have made this decision, made up your own mind, You are FREE... Wow! Doesn't this feel amazing...?


  • Trina

    And to end up with life long friends. No matter what the distance between you and them is. ?❤️✔️

  • Gapseekers

    Very very true…! Friends for life!

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