Food and Travelling: You're Changed Forever

FACT: You're going to lose weight when you travel. Trying out new cuisines, the infamous 'Delhi Belly', and other exciting things of the like are going to make your body feel things you never thought was possible!

And of course, the new cuisines means the things you <3 to eat will change forever too! I can't tell you how many of our travellers come back and say 'I wish I could find a good Pad Thai near where I live'... 

TOP TIP: Make time for some cooking lessons while you're away so you can try and recreate some foodie magic when you come back. 

I have a few top tips for food when you get out there

Do As the Locals Do

It's easy to fall into tourist traps- people will try and convince you to go to the funny little restaurants with English menu's, but half the fun of being in a different country is trying it the truly local way! In most places in the world, the best food you'll find is at the food stands dotted around cities and main roads... like the man in the picture below? He makes amazing Thai chicken. 

Find Other Travellers To Go With

Even if you're travelling solo, or in a pair or more, it's always more fun (and somehow really natural) to go with your new friends for a meal (for me it's an excuse to try more things!). Also, there's a sense of safety in numbers! At least one dish you order will be something you like! 

Let The Chips Fall Where They May

So... let's face it. Not everything you eat is going to agree with you. Might as well just go with it! You'll not love everything you find, and you'll learn more about your body than you'd care to know. For example when I was in South Africa, I found out eating chips every day was making me feel nauseous... so I swapped out starchy carbs for biltong and I was a much happier camper! 

Always Go With Fried Rice

Fried rice is always a pretty safe option, especially in Asia or South/Central America. It's easy to eat, and fried rice can be simple but delicious! It's even my favourite go-to meal to make when I'm trying to use up bits and pieces of veg in the kitchen! 

Now, there's one last thing I want to talk to you about: DURIAN.

The fruit that 'smells like hell but tastes like heaven' ... and looks like an old-fashioned spiky weapon!

If you ever get to SE Asia, please, try and get over the smell and just TRY IT!!

Why don't you share with us your favourite travel-food stories?? 


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