Travelling with friends VS travelling solo!

Which beautiful country next? or which beach bar tonight? questions to ask your travel buddies or questions to ask yourself!

Travelling with your close friends from school will prove for an epic experience and one that can be remembered for years to come… you already know each other inside and out! You know what makes them laugh you know that certain tune they always request on  night out, you know they go for guys with rugged beards or long legged brunettes and you know what kind of adventure they are looking for!

But please do not be afraid to branch out! There are many people out there and sticking with the same group for the whole of your trip may become, you know… smothering! Not to say that you won’t have an awesome time with your bestie’s - you will! Just remember that these amazing adventures are for YOU too! Here are some pros and cons for each travel style.

Travelling with friends – Pro’s

  • Guaranteed fun! You know your mates, you know they are a hoot!
  • Feeling homesick…? Don’t worry they are your reminder of home.
  • They can lend you money if you’re stuck!
  • It can be cheaper! Splitting the taxi’s, twin share hotel rooms or spliting food
  • They can look after your backpack while you nip to the loo!
  • Always have someone to talk to
  • Security… in numbers!

Con’s – At times you may feel like you want to spread your wings, that’s okay and this is recommended from time to time! Its fine to have an afternoon off or a few days apart from your best friends, you will appreciate each other a lot more once you are reunited! Often you may become less approachable when you are in a group so can miss out on meeting other travellers.

Travelling solo – Pro’s

  • You decide on everything! “Mmm I think I will pop across to Bali today… see ya!”
  • You feel very grown up! Cheesy, but you really do! OK… let’s say independent!
  • Huge sense of achievement… you feel like you have conquered the world!
  • You make more friends – you are more open to meet people when you travel solo and often  are more approachable
  • Less glitches! Full trains & busses… no problemo! you’re not part of a group! One ticket please!
  • Develop as a person stepping out of your comfort zone – something that you may not do if travelling in a group

Con’s – At times you may feel lonely, but this will pass, you just have to think of all the lovely reasons you are out there on your adventure… on a second thought, you are never really alone at all! There is always someone else who is travelling alone that wants to share their travel experiences and learn from yours! Solo travel isn’t unsafe, but it is less safe than travelling with others, you are more venerable and you only have you looking out for you -so be aware of this.

As you can see there are pro’s and con’s for each style. Although travelling solo is DEFINITELY something everyone should try at some point! It will certainly open your eyes and challenge you!

What’s your style? Leave us a comment and let us know!

If you are thinking of travelling solo but still a bit unsure… why not do a bit of both! Check out these organised group tours where you will travel with likeminded backpackers, but still have the sense of solo travel.

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