About Gapseekers

Gapseekers is all about the adventure! Travelling/backpacking around the world, making new friends, exploring new places and gaining valuable experiences on the way. Not only do we offer travel arrangements we also offer you the opportunity to grow as a person. We offer fantastic courses/internships and volunteer projects that will look fantastic on your CV and really offer some life changing experiences. We have an array of travel opportunities: Adventure Tours, Volunteering projects, Professional Internships, Language Courses, Paid Work Programmes and much more! We want you to learn and develop as a person on the whole whilst exploring the world, hence why we came up with our tag line. LEARN DEVELOP EXPLORE!

If you are new to the backpacking scene we aim to guide you through your experience and be your support when you're away or if you are a more seasoned traveller we can just let you get on with what you know best!  We have a 24 hour help support line so you will never be far away from someone who can help you if a problem was to arise.

With a wide selection of trips and programmes we aim to give you the confidence, and the tools you need to experience the world and bring out the best in yourself. It goes without saying that as a company we are 100% protected by the Travel Trust Association as advertised across this site.  We have gone to extraordinary lengths to source the best partners, programmes and trips to suit the needs of all types of traveller.

Is Gapseekers for you? If you want to take a break from your career or have just come out of University or school and not sure which path to take, then YES! Gapseekers can be just what you are looking for! Need inspiration of what route to take, course to experience or volunteer project to go on? Gapseekers only employ staff who have been there and done it, so the advice and recommendations will be from experienced travellers who know what they are talking about.

All the trips and programmes listed on our site do come with a full colour brochure so if you see something on here that you like, pick the phone up and dial 01322 668900 to speak with one of our friendly travel consultants! 

We wish you every bit of happiness on your travels!


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