A Taste of the Galapagos, 7 Days
A Taste of the Galapagos, 7 Days
A Taste of the Galapagos, 7 Days
A Taste of the Galapagos, 7 Days
A Taste of the Galapagos, 7 Days

A Taste of the Galapagos, 7 Days

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If the Galapagos have always been on your to-do list… then you’re one of the smart ones! With it’s treasured history of wild life galore… you pretty much win the nature lottery with this trip! Swim among the marine wildlife and learn more about how conservation works! 

Trip Highlights:
  • Watch the Tortoises and sharks 
  • Climb Isla Isabela's volcano
  • Snorkel through and see freaky looking fish and sharks that don't actually bite
  • Travel from island to island on speed boats
  • Active adventure with walking, hiking and snorkelling
  • Wildlife spotting

Is this trip for you?

  • If you like wildlife then - YES!
  • This is an organised group trip, group size from 1 - 16 people
  • Age range from 18-39 year olds
  • Accommodation will be a mix of hostels (2 nights) and hotels (4 nights)
  • Meals: 2 breakfasts
What's included?
  • Accommodation
  • Transport on tour
  • Local guides
  • Isla Isabela – Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre
  • Isla Isabela- Sierra Negra Volcano
  • Isla Santa Cruz- Charles Darwin Research Centre
  • Santa Cruz Highlands
  • Isla San Cristobal- Interpretation Centre
What's not included?
  • Flights - We can help you with this - request a quote
  • Travel Insurance- We can help you with this
  • Visa
  • Food (unless stated on itinerary)

    Trip Notes


    Well HELLOOOOO THERE!!! Welcome to Baltra on the Galapagos! Our tour is going to begin with a welcome meeting, where we join a tour group that is joining us from Quito. The hotel lobby will have a note about where we will be meeting. We’re taking insurance details and next of kin details during the meeting- make sure you have that info handy! 
    As soon as the group is all together, we’ll head to Isabela Island by speed-boat, which will take roughly 3 hours. On arrival, note that there is a port fee of USD 5 payable (not included in tour price). 

    Important Notes about Joining this Tour!
    With the trip starting in the Galapagos, you can join at two different points: 1. At Baltra Airport at 9:30am on day one. The tour guide will be waiting for you at the arrivals hall. 
    Hotel Lobo de Mar- address: Charles Darwin & 12 de Febrero Santa Cruz Island-Puerto Ayora at 12:45

    Please do let us know at least 15 days before the tour starts where you plan to join us. Make sure you call our customer services if you run into any problems while in the Galapagos on the following number: 0994014877

    If you’re going to get from the airport to Baltra Island (airport) to Puerto Ayora on your own, follow these instructions:
    Once out of the arrivals hall, get on the buses that either go to Muelle or Canal
    Take the bus to Canal (Itabaca Channel), which should take about 10 minutes (it’s also free)
    Once at the Itabaca Channel, you have to cross by ferry. The journey will take another 10 minutes or so, and will cost about 1USD pp (you are going to the northern side of Santa Cruz)
    Then, you can either take a bus or a taxi:
    Bus- they only leave when they are full, so you might wait a while (3USD pp). The ride will take about 50 minutes.
    Taxi- this’ll cost you about 20USD for the ride (for all persons), and will take you about 45 min. 
    If you come a day or two before the tour is due to start, we recommend that you book the hotel in Santa Cruz- this way, it’ll be much easier for you to meet your fellow group mates on day one, and get the transfer that takes you to Isabela Island together with us! 

    Optional Activities

    • Kayak rental - USD30
    • Isla Tintoreras - USD47
    • Wet Suit rental - USD10


    Today we start by heading off to the Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre- get up close and personal to these huge, calming animals! We’ll then head over to the Sierra Negra Wetlands to try and catch the eye of sandpipers, common stilts, flamingos, plovers… and loads of other super-interesting species. Then, we head over to the Sierra Negra Volcano: this is the most active volcano on the Galapagos Islands, and happens to be the largest crater in the world. If you’re up for the challenge, take a 13 km hike up to the crater (it’ll take about six hours total so make sure you wear comfy walking shoes!) 

    Included Activities

    • Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre
    • Sierra Negra Volcano


    Today is a free day on Isla Isabela. Maybe take in one of the optional activities on offer… the small islet of Las Tintoreas is a really good choice! You can see some rare Galapagos penguin, and to get there you’ll go through Shark Alley for some white tipped shark spotting. You’ll also be able to spot the weird-looking marine iguanas, seeing as they nest here!


    Our day starts early this morning, with a speedboat ride over to Isla Santa Cruz, which will take about 2.5 hours. After we drop off our stuff at the hotel, we’ll go out to the Charles Darwin Research Station, where the Charles Darwin Foundation will share with us their success in repopulating the islands with several different once-endangered species of iguana and tortoise! In the afternoon we’ll go looking for some giant tortoise, who will most likely just be chilling out… 
    Optional Activities

    • Isla Santa Cruz - Tortuga Bay visit - Free
    • Snorkelling gear rental - USD5
    Included Activities
    • Isla Santa Cruz - Charles Darwin Research Centre
    • Santa Cruz Highlands


    Take the morning to catch up on some of the activities you missed out on yesterday. Then we’ll head over to Isla San Cristobal (it’ll take about 3 hours). We’ll get a bit of a walking tour of San Cristobal this afternoon, before having a free evening and day tomorrow again! Sit back, relax, or take part in one of the many optional activities that are on offer! 
    Included Activities

    • Santa Cruz Highlands


    The day is yours! carpe diem my friend, carpe diem! Hit Mann Beach to swim with sea lions, or climb up Frigate Bird Hill for some sweeping views of the island… otherwise, why not take a boat trip over to Kicker Rock (Isla Lobos) where you get to swim and snorkel with some of the fantastic marine life here in the Galapagos! 
    Optional Activities

    • Frigate Bird Hill - Free
    • Isla Lobos - USD70
    • Kicker Rock excursion - USD120
    • Snorkelling gear rental - USD5
    • Mann Beach – Free

    Meals Included


    Although it is our last day, we want to squeeze in just one more thing before you leave: the Interpretation Centre! You’ll learn a bit more about the history of the islands, conservation, and even the effects of human settlement. Later on, we’ll transfer over to San Cristobal airport, where we say goodbye to our new friends! Sad face!
    A side note: Please make sure that your flights are booked for after 1pm to avoid missing it! 

    Included Activities

    • Isla San Cristobal - Interpretation Center