Across Central America, Antigua to San Jose - 17 Days
Across Central America, Antigua to San Jose - 17 Days
Across Central America, Antigua to San Jose - 17 Days
Across Central America, Antigua to San Jose - 17 Days
Across Central America, Antigua to San Jose - 17 Days
Across Central America, Antigua to San Jose - 17 Days

Across Central America, Antigua to San Jose - 17 Days

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If there was only one word to describe Central America…What would that be? Food? Fun? Fabulous? A little bit of everything? Correct! This trip shows you the best of Central America from the Mayan ruins to Volcano's to pristine beaches, This group tour has it all!

 Trip Highlights

  • Visit the ancient Mayan ruins of Copan
  • Explore the cobbled streets of Suchitoto
  • Take in the view of the Conchagua Volcano 
  • Ometepe Island
  • Sky walk Monteverde
  • Hike around Arenal Volcano 
  • Adventure activities in La Fortuna

Countries visited: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Hondas and Guatemala 

Is this trip for you?

  • This is an organised group tour - perfect for solo travellers.
  • Typical group size of 1- 16 people
  • Age range on trip 18 -39 year olds
  • The accommodation will be comfortable hotels
  • The transport will be a combination of private mini bus, boat and bus.
  • Although we have lots planned for you there is a lot of free time too.

What's included

  • All Accommodation
  • Local guides
  • Transport within the tour
  • New friends on tour!

What's not included

  • International flights (We can help with this - request a quote)
  • Visa costs
  • Meals
  • Travel insurance (request a quote) 

Trip Notes

Day 1 – Antigua 

As with most of our tours, our pre-departure meeting is at 6pm so you have the day to explore this fantabulous city by yourself. Although, we are not spending very much time here, so you have the option to fly in a day early to experience this beautiful colonial city. We can also try to arrange accommodation for you if required.

After we get your insurance and emergency contact details, we will head off for an orientation walk with the tour leader. Antigua was often described as the most important city in central America for the Spanish colonial government. In 1773, a massive earthquake destroyed the city, most of the buildings have thankfully been restored.

Friendly Advice: Best food you can find next to the artisan market, by the bus station. ChocoMuseo is a beautiful little museum where you can learn how valuable (and healthy) chocolate really is,there is even a chocolate making workshop. Guatemalan coffee is of course famous for its rich, tasty, texturous…we’ll let you find out about that on a tour of a coffee plantation. If you’re not so much into your half-caff-full-fat-yoghurt-infused-latte-chai-soy cappuccinos, you can also find a mountain bike for hire to check out the green, luscious country side.

 Day 2 – Copan

The ancient Mayan ruins of Copan were discovered way back when in 1570, and will be some of the best pre-Columbian artwork you will probably ever see in your life.  A lot of people think that this is actually a better experience then Chichen Itza, so you know you are welcome. Oh by the way, Copan is in the Honduras. There are some wonderful hot springs to relax in.

Day 3-4 – Suchitoto

Spend the morning taking in a bit more of Copan, because further south than this you will not be enjoying Mayan ruins and wonders listed on the World Heritage Site database. We still do not know how they so mysteriously disappeared- maybe you will figure out the answer?

We cross the border into El Salvador and it will take six hours to reach Suchitoto. Colonial, colourful and beautiful, you will feel like you are walking in history rather than just observing. You will have a free day to take part in all the crazy activities we can find in the area. The town actually looks over Lago Suchitlan, or a freshwater lake that is frequented by falcons and hawks migrating. You can get aqua-rious (haha, punny right?) by boat or kayak, or you can hike through the Cinquera rainforest. There are some more Mayan ruins for you to take in at Cihuatan, or if you prefer, there is also the Guazapa volcano… we cannot actually confirm whether or not its active, and scientists cannot neither.

Day 5 - El Tunco

Heading further south, we literally breeze through San Salvador for better waves, or the surf village of El Tunco. Because who doesn’t love a good surf village with a laid back vibe and chillaxed attitude? There’s some great restaurants to try local delicacies such as pas pupusas (traditional corn pockets stuffed with pork, cheese, and refried beans).

Day 6-7 - El Cuco

We go eastwards today, for the costal town of El Cuco. Dark sandy beaches put this place on the map, and again, it’s time to get that surfboard out here. Playa Las Flores is actually one of the best surfing hot spots. El Salvador’s first microbrewery also resides here at Intipuca Beach… it’s pretty darn cool. Here we also get to stay in an eco-resort, this will give you an insight to how amazing it really is to adapt a greener lifestyle and how to truly live in harmony with local wildlife.

If surfing isn’t your thing, you can kayak here in the mangrove, or head to Conchagua Volcano nearby. There is also an opportunity to take a boat out to the ocean (sea-sickness alert!). Or, really get in touch with your inner self and take a yoga class at the resort.

Day 8-9 – Granada

OK, so this is the big one. It’s a 14 hour journey from El Cuco to Granada- make sure you have plenty of snacks, water, and a really good book. At least we’ll get to lunch on a beautiful island, though, before heading to…. Granada! No, you’re not in Spain, but you’re in Nicaragua!  You get a whole day in Granada to explore, recommended stuff to do includes heading out to Lake Nicaragua or visiting the national parks nearby like Mombacho or Masaya Volcano National Parks.

  • To travel from Comayagua it will be a full day of travel again, from bus to taxi to bus… make sure you bring a good book!

  • Highly recommended: check out the cobblestone streets of the city, or actually head to the ‘islets’ that exist on Lake Nicaragua!

  • A night out on the town is probably on the cards here too!

  • Fun facts: Founded in 1524, Granada is actually the big daddy, or oldest city of the ‘New World’ that was found at the time.

Day 10-11 - Ometepe Island

Another day, another bus and boat.  We’re heading to the island of Ometepe, which is on Lake Nicaragua.  Compare volcanoes from Anitgua with the one here… whaddaya say??   

- Fun fact: Lake Nicaragua is the largest fresh water lake in Central America, and even tenth largest in the world! There are also capuchin monkeys on Monkey Island!

- This island is largely agricultural so make sure you try the local food- it won’t come fresher than this!

- Ohh, if you haven’t tired of beaches yet, go sit on the beach by the lake- nice and calm and relaxing!

Day 12-13 – Monteverde


The big daddy of activities here is the Sky Walk- suspension bridges hanging 40m above the jungle, making you essentially walk through the clouds.  Sounds pretty cool, we know!

  • Get active and hike a mountain

  • Definitely do some bird watching here, It is going to be even better than Hyde Park, London

Day 14-15 - La Fortuna – Arenal

Activities here are aplenty, you will not  know where to start. Costa Rica is known for its amazing adventure activities, and this is the place to do it.  Riding a sky tram, zip-lining, mountain biking, kayaking, bungee jumping, swimming, paddleboarding, whitewater rafting… excuse me while I rehydrate!  Actually, before I go, just make sure you head to La Catarata de Fortuna for some amazing waterfalls.

Day 16-17 - San Jose

  • Last local bus of the trip and it’s down to San Jose.

  • For a walk around town, start at the main plaza and from there, check out beautiful people in a beautiful city.  

  • There’s also a Gold Museum (if you skipped out on some culture before, here’s your last chance to get in touch with the cultural side of you!)

  • If you need last minute shopping to be done, head to Plaza de la Cultura to get handicrafts, or get your last taste of Central American seafood!

  • Our trip ends on day 17 so nothing is planned!  Remember to say goodbye to your friends before you make any plans for the day!