Best of the East: New York to New York - 14 days
Best of the East: New York to New York - 14 days
Best of the East: New York to New York - 14 days
Best of the East: New York to New York - 14 days
Best of the East: New York to New York - 14 days
Best of the East: New York to New York - 14 days

Best of the East: New York to New York - 14 days

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There is no doubt that American TV will have given you a taste of what to expect in America…except there is so much more to it!  We are getting close to nature in Appalachia and trying to keep up with the hustle and bustle of Washington DC and Chicago.  Of course we will give you a chance to sample the ever-famous Philly Cheese Steaks, and dance off the calories to the country music we know to be rhythm and blues in Nashville.  Try not to get blown away in the Windy City, and of course, who can forget the majestic Niagara Falls!

Trip Highlights

  • Local guided bike tour of Chicago's highlights
  • Stunning Niagara Falls 'Maid of the Mist' Cruise
  • The lush green forests of the Appalachian Mountains
  • Nashville's world famous exciting country music scene
  • Washington DC many museums and monuments 
  • Philadelphia famous 'Rocky' steps and Liberty Bell
  • Visit to the wonderous Mammoth Cave NP

What's included?

  • Accommodation Camping and 2 night hostel
  • Local Guide
  • Transportation the tour
  • Activities
  • New friends!

What's not included?

  • Flights (request a quote)
  • Food (we will organise a food kitty to keep costs down)
  • Travel insurance - We can help you with this

Trip Notes

Day 1-2:  New York Area, Philadelphia, and Washington DC

Friendly reminder: Our tour starts at 7:30am so make sure you’re staying the night before at our starting point hotel!

Some know the famous Philadelphia steps scene from the Rocky movie, some of us know the scene better from when Will Smith spoofed it in Fresh Prince, but either way, visit the scene of that iconic film!  See a bit of American history up close and personal at the Independence Hall, and also make sure you wander through the Reading Terminal Market and try out that Philly Cheese Steak that everyone keeps going on about… it will put all other sandwiches to shame!  Washington DC is the next stop, it has an immense amount of cool museums like the Smithsonian and the Spy Museum. DC is also home to some amazing nightlife in Georgetown, but make sure you look fresh for your photo op in front of the White House!
Accommodation: Camping

Day 3: Shenandoah National Park

We head into Shenandoah National Park through the Blue Ridge Mountains, you will see some of the best nature that America has to offer. We are going to get ever closer to nature by strapping on our hiking boots, this area is home to some of the biggest trees you’ll ever see in your life!
Accommodation: Camping

Day 4: West Virginia

Keep your adventure spirit with you today as we head into West Virginia.The coolest activities are recommended for today: White water rafting, or if you don’t have a penchant for water, try zip lining through the forest instead- guaranteed to give you a rush of a lifetime!
Accommodation: Camping

Day 5-6 Great Smoky Mountains National Park

This stunning scenery is further proof why America has more to offer than telly and cheeseburgers. The Cherokees of this area call it ‘Place of Blue Smoke’ and you can explore all this through the amazing trails in this area. Watch out for the American black bear, they are terrifying creatures.You can also spot the native white-tail deer in this area as well, they are much cuter!
Accommodation: Camping

Day 7: Nashville

After the peace and quiet of the mountains, it is time to switch your hiking boots for your dancing shoes in Nashville!  This is essentially the birthplace of the American heartland music- country and western.  A trip down to the Johnny Cash Museum wouldn’t go amiss, neither would a visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame to get a bit more background info on this slice of rhythmic history!  You’re probably reading this going ‘eh nice try’ but it’s pretty powerful stuff and we can guarantee you will come out with at most sore feet from dancing and at least bit of appreciation of the genre.
Accommodation: Camping

Day 8: Indiana

Sit back, relax, and take in the scenery of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. You are no longer in the mountains but it doesn’t mean the scenery can’t impress. You enter the land of ‘Great Lakes’ as you head north, meaning you get the best of the culinary world, nightlife, and the generosity of American culture.
Accommodation: Camping

Day 9-10: Chicago

The Windy City is something else to behold.  It boasts one of America’s coolest skylines with its towering skyscrapers hugging the shore of Lake Michigan. Bobby’s Bike tour of Chicago is included in this trip, meaning to you get to hit the best that Chicago has to offer (of course with views of the Willis Tower and Navy Pier). Here, you have to try Chicago’s deep-dish pizza and then head straight over to Halsted Street to continue your American music education with blues cafes guaranteed to keep you going all through the night.
Accommodation: Hostel

Day 11: Ohio

Can you hear the Midwest calling? What about Cedar Point Amusement Park? It boasts the biggest and baddest roller coaster in the world: Millennium Force! You are probably going to feel a bit shaky after all that adrenaline rushing through your veins, so chill out tonight at Lake Erie, where we will be camping.
Accommodation: Camping

Day 12: Niagara Falls

Seriously, some of you will have been waiting for this all trip. It is one of the three biggest waterfalls in the world, and of course you have to do the Maid of the Mist tour. Make sure don’t wear your Sunday best though because you are going to get soaked! If you want to take in a bit more of the water, make sure you check out the falls at night, it will be all lit up and beautiful!
Accommodation: Camping

Day 13-14: Finger lakes & New York Area

We wrap up our tour by checking up on the Finger Lakes region in the New York area. There's a couple more photo ops today with waterfalls and check out some wineries along the way, we even stop off quickly at an outlet mall for some American fashion inspiration.

Friendly advice: Our tour ends at 5pm at our hotel, but make sure that you don’t book any flights leaving before 9pm just to be on the safe side!
Also, remember to keep a few days free to explore NYC! Ask about our Urban Adventure package.


Joe, January 2016

This trek was an absolute awesome experience! Josh the tour leader made the best guide, we even met his sister, mum and dad within the first 3 hours of the tour! Nashville ( nightlife), West Virginia ( white water rafting ), Chicago( chilled out city).... were great places to go.

The camping element of the trip enabled the group to bond quickly and provided great campsite entertainment. Not go forgetting the 5 dollar surprise..... due to bad weather! A hotel stay! 

Saw so much and had the best time!

Kirsty, August 2015

This trip was really quite incredible. You get to see so much of the East of America and in only 2 weeks! Our tour leader, Kayla, was absolutely amazing and dealt with some pretty tough situations along the way, always with bundles of energy and a fantastic smile. She gave us lots of tips on what were the best things to see and do on the trip and was really hands on around camp, despite breaking her foot the first day!
The white water rafting and the evening bike tour in Chicago was definitely the highlight for me. Chicago is my new favourite city! Most people are nervous to do the rafting but it is always so much fun and everyone ends up loving it.
Everything from the camping to the van appreciation days makes each trip unique and spectacular. I love it!

Carys, July 2015

A great way to experience so many different places and States in a short time. You cover such a large area; 11 states in 14 days, but still get plenty of time for exploring. Camping was a first for me, but it was a great experience and the quality of all the sites were excellent. I had a really fun time and so many great memories: Favourite places were Tennessee and Nashville, Chicago and Niagara Falls. If you want to see the best of the East, this is the perfect way to do it!