Freedom Trail, New York - 8 Days
Freedom Trail, New York - 8 Days
Freedom Trail, New York - 8 Days
Freedom Trail, New York - 8 Days
Freedom Trail, New York - 8 Days
Freedom Trail, New York - 8 Days

Freedom Trail, New York - 8 Days

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Are you ready for all things East Coast? Because this tour is going to blow your socks off as you see the best that New England has to offer! Take in the Niagara Falls and see some famous historical landmarks around the area! 

Trip Highlights:

  • Be prepared to get drenched at the Niagara Falls Maid in the Mist tour! 
  • Check out the Liberty Bell and the 'Rocky' steps of Philly!
  • Visit a traditional Amish village 
  • Walk Boston's historic Freedom Trail 

Is this trip for you?

  • If you're a history buff with a  sense of adventure - YES!
  • This is an organised group trip, group size from 1 - 16 people
  • Age range from 18-39 year olds
  • Accommodation will be a mix of hostels (2 nights) and camping (5 nights). All camping equipment (except sleeping bag) is included

What's included?

  • Accommodation
  • Private transport on tour
  • Local guides

What's not included?

  • Flights - We can help you with this - request a quote
  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa
  • Food (unless stated on itinerary)
Trip Notes
Day 1- 2: New York, Philadelphia & Washington DC
Friendly Advice our tour departs at 0730 so it's highly recommended that you book pre-tour accommodation. Let us know about this when you're booking the trip so we can arrange this for you! 
Our first stop is 'Philly', or Philadelphia. Go check out the famous Liberty Bell, and of course you can't forget the famous philly cheese steak! A must try for meat lovers! If you want more foodie goodness head down to the Reading Terminal Market and feast your eyes and belly! We do recommend that you hit the Smithsonian Museum when you get to DC. And if you want to really see the capital, then maybe you should hire a bike. On day two, maybe take in a baseball game to get that All-American feeling (obviously when it's in season!). In the evening, there's a self-guided tour of DC for those epic Instagram photos of the monuments of the city.


Day 3: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

We drive through the countryside today and take in all its beauty. We'll stop by an Amish community, and observe the way life really hasn't changed for them in 200 years. Tonight, we set up camp and live our own simple ways as we try and count the stars of the night sky. 

Day 4: Niagara Falls

One of the three wondrous natural water falls in the world, it's really no wonder that we feel the awe and roar of the three waterfalls rolling together. Later today, we set up camp to enjoy the natural wonders of nature!

Day 5: Southern Adirondack Mountains

You know, people actually flock to this area from the cit over the summer, and you'll soon find out why. With forests rolling over hills and farmyards aplenty, we get to camp lakeside today and try our hand at kayaking!

Day 6-7: Boston

The locals call it 'Bean Town', and before long, you'll be calling Boston that, too. Home to the Freedom Trail, we urge you to 'relive' the Revolution as you walk around this gorgeous historic city. Take some time to chill at the Boston Common, and of course, you have to go check out the famous Cheers bar. We'll round off our day with Daddy's Dough, a fried dough delicacy that locals will attest to!

Day 8: Boston to New York Area

We head back to New York today, but we do recommend that you try and spend some extra time here! There's so much to do here, it's truly crazy. Times Square, Fifth Avenue, Empire State Building... then there's of course the cool Greenwich Village.

Friendly Advice Our tour ends today at around 5pm, so we recommend that you either book post-tour accommodation or if you book a flight, make sure it doesn't leave before 9pm! 




An amazing experience!
"This trip was the best holiday I've ever been on. I went by myself and I'm glad I did. this is defiantly a trek for some one who hasn't done any thing like this before. our trek leader was Anne and she was very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and fun to be round. the first day we went to Philadelphia. there we went to the rocky steps and the Liberty Bell after that we got some lunch and had a Philly Cheese Sandwich which was very nice but it wasn't any thing special. we then went to set up camp and there we got shown how to put up the tents and set up the camp site which was easier than expected. then that evening we went to Washington DC and we had pizza in front of the Washington monument which was pretty cool. we then walked around looking at all the Washington monuments lit up which was awesome. the second day we were taken back to Washington to do what ever we want, about half way though the day some of the group did a 3 hour bike tour which was pretty good. The 3rd day we went to an Amish market which was nice and one of the Amish folk took the group on a tour in his horse and kart around one of the farms and fields. Now on the 4th day be prepared to be in the van most of the day. its very boring but if the group plays a few games the time flies by. the 5th day was Niagara falls which was awesome but I think it was a little to touristy for me. the 6th day was Boston the freedom trail was ok but nothing special so I recommend that you get to the port and go on to boat tour which I didn't do that but the people who did say it was pretty good. this day is the only day that you don't camp and you stay in a hostel. so over all this trip was really good and the only down side was that between the destinations there was a lot of traveling in the van but its worth it when you get there that's why I gave it 4 stars. I will be definitely be coming back and doing another trIp"
Anonymous, September 2015


Many great experiences packed into one week!

"This was a short but great trek. I had never camped before but loved the experience, the camp sites were all fine, though on the last night we were supposed to camp, we opted to upgrade to a cheap hotel, all our tents still being damp from a thunderstorm the night before (amazing experience watching lighting across Lake Ontario).
The end of the trek was over shadowed slightly by hurricane Irene moving into the area and cancelling my flight home! But that added even more adventure to a fun week of new experiences with great people and our lovely trek leader Christie.
The night tour of Washington was really interesting, the monuments looked amazing when illuminated. We went to see a baseball game the next night which had such a great atmosphere.
The camp site, lake and area where we camped in 'bear country' was beautiful. Luckily didn't see any bears!
Niagra Falls was stunning, we got slightly damp getting up close.
Boston is a really cool city with lots of history, the Freedom Trail was really interesting. We spent the evening in a Sports Bar behind the baseball stadium (watching the Red Sox lose!)
There were a couple of long drives but the scenery was stunning.
If you're short on time, I would definitely recommend this short and sweet trip"
Rosey, February 2015

Amazing trip amazing sights!

"Wanting to try and see as much of the US in the short time away from work I could get this trip looked like an ideal one and it really was. From the History of DC to the Power of Niagara then to the European feel of Boston and with everything in between this was a great way to spend a week. Even the camping was fun (not always a fan in the UK) thanks to a good group and a great leader (Tim really knows his stuff!)... West Coast next year!"

Hushy, November 2014