Greek Island Flexi Hopper - 9 Days
Greek Island Flexi Hopper - 9 Days

Greek Island Flexi Hopper - 9 Days

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The Greek Islands... well what can I say! Party mecca, beautiful beaches, packed with culture!  You’re going to get your chance to find all the wondrous things that the party islands of Greece has to offer. Besides that, you’ll also get to immerse yourself in the ancient wonders of Greece, the natural ruins and wonders that are going to amaze you. The best part about this trip? This Flexi-hopper, gives you the option to either travel quickly in 9 days, or take it slow and take up to up to 5 months to travel!

Trip Highlights

  • Party till the sun comes up on Ios
  • Snap the profile-picture perfect shot in Santorini
  • Explore ancient Greek ruins in Athens 

Is this trip for you?

If you like to do things your own way, but also like for a few things to be organised on your behalf, then this is the trip for you!

The age range for this trip is 18-39

Be sure to bring motion-sickness preventers if you are prone to sea sickness!

What's included?

  • A fantastic Guide!
  • All ferries
  • Guided orientations of each island
  • Nights out on every island
  • All transfers to and from our MyTrip Preferred Partner accommodation on islands
  • Exclusive discounts for waterspouts, clothing, jewellery stores, and bars
  • History, mythology, and cultural talks
  • Pub crawls on Mykonos and Ios

What's not included?


Trip Notes

The below is just a sample itinerary based on a nine day trip, the minimum time it’ll take you to get around the islands! You have the option to extend the number of nights you spend on the islands for as long as you fancy (as long as you stay in multiples of two) within the departure dates for the season. You can change your dates up to 15 days before you travel!


This is the first day of the rest of your life! This morning, meet your guide and fellow sailers at AthenStyle hostel. We’ll then get a transfer bus to the ferry port, and head out to the gorgeous island of Mykonos. The island is famous for the Cycladic architecture, breath-taking beaches, and a party scene you won’t forget!

Can we recommend sunbathing at Paradise Beach? Tonight, we’ll have a little walking tour around town to check out windmills, cobbled streets, shopping, and of course, the friendly locals! After the tour, try out some fabulous local cuisine before hitting up the best bars and clubs in town!

Recommended Things To Do:

Watch the sunset behind white stone windmills

Hit the clubs of Mykonos!


The day is yours: explore all the things you can do here on this paradise island!

Take the optional tour down to Delos (where Apollo and Artemis were born, a real epicentre of Greek culture). Otherwise, go get your beach on with the many beaches the island has to offer. Otherwise, walk around the winding streets of Mykonos and try not to spend all your money!

The party starts early afternoon today, and who can say no to a cocktail (or two, or three…) on a beach at sunset? Go into town this evening if you fancy, or stay by the beach- the options truly are endless!

Recommended Things To Do:

Half-Day Trip to Ancient Delos from Mykonos


Today we head over to Paros, a very chilled out island… you’ll feel truly Greek here! The afternoon is free for you to do with as you please- perhaps a little optional horseback excursion? We’ll have our orientation walk this evening for a bit of an explore. Tonight, after trying local foods at a restaurant, we’ll bring out our inner kefi (spirit of joy, high spirits, and passion) with a local tradition… PLATE SMASHING! Once you’ve experienced your inner self, time to explore the inner workings of the Paros nightlife…

Recommended Things To Do:

Horse ride along the beaches

Smash plates! and Dance! (Both very Greek things to do!)


Get onboard with one of the best day trips we have on offer, and hit the high seas! In this full day boat cruise, we’ll visit some of the best places to snorkel around the island. No such trip is complete without a BBQ (with wine and soft drinks included!). You’ll have to at least try the char-grilled octopus, and of course no Greek style meal is complete without Ouzo. There’s souvlaki, tzatiki, salad, bread… wine… a dip in the sea… wine…!! When darkness starts to descend, we’ll return to shore and have a leisurely final evening spent in Paros.

If you don’t like boats, you can also do some other optional things like scuba diving, horse riding… laze on the beach… this is what our guide is here for!

Recommended Things To Do:

Antiparos boat trip with swimming, Ouzo, wine, and a BBQ lunch


Ah, beautiful Santorini. With a turquoise caldera in the centre of the island (thanks to a volcanic eruption that occurred over three thousand years ago), to the typical white-washed, blue-domed churches, and the red and black sand beaches… this place is truly a feast for the eyes to behold. Considered the most beautiful of the Cyclades islands, Santorini also offers great food, great wine, and an even better nightlife! It’s a firm favourite with our travellers, and it will soon become yours too! There’s an optional sunset dinner overlooking the volcano/lagoon, although you will also be treated to the orientation walk!

Recommended Things To Do:

Explore Santorini’s red and black beaches! 


Take advantage of the free time we have today…

There’s an optional bus tour of Santorini, showing you the highlights. You’ll see some of the stunning views the island has to offer- mostly wine and olive tasting… ohh and don’t forget cheese! There’s also the historic Akrotiri, and of course the distinctive red and black beaches that Santorini hosts. As part of the tour today, we have a sunset picnic in Oia, one of the most beautiful villages you’ll ever visit, with of course, the best view point on the island to see that sun sinking down…

Recommended Things To Do:

Santorini bus tour

World famous sunset in Oia 


Ahh, the party capital of the Greek Islands… it’s like you’ve stepped into an alternative, part-loving universe! Far Out Beach Club is the most happening resort on the island, so you won’t be disappointed with all it has to offer (pool, beach, bar… what more could you want!). Tonight there’s an optional group meal and then we head into Ios town! the quaint winding streets tuck away the endless bars and clubs… this is certainly one bar crawl you do NOT want to miss!

Recommended Things To Do:

Party till the sun comes up! 


Okay, so you might have a bit of a hangover this morning, that is to be conceded… but you know that the best hangover cure is really to beach it out and do some water sports— we’ve tried it, you’ll love it! If the beach feels too grainy, then perhaps just stick to the poolside tunes to wind down. Or, if you need to walk it off, go out into Ios town, or even explore some secret hidden coves that dot the coastline of this island. Whatever you do, make sure you’re ready for the last night— we have to finish this off in style!

Recommended Things To Do:

Scuba diving and water sports


Our trip comes to an end today as we head back to Athens.

A side note: Our arrival time back into Athens isn’t finalised until two weeks before your departure. We could get back to Athens anywhere from noon on Day 9, to early morning the following day. This is due to unpredictable weather conditions, so the best thing to do is to plan your departure the day after your tour finishes!