La Tomatina Festival - Spain - 4 Days
La Tomatina Festival - Spain - 4 Days

La Tomatina Festival - Spain - 4 Days

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I am sure you have all heard of this crazy tomato throwing festival La Tomatina!?! Want to get foot loose?! If that's a yes... then Tomatina is calling you!. Held in the Valencian city of Bunol, Spain, for one hour only participants throw tons of squashed tomatoes and fully immerse themselves in this tomato blood bath just for the laughs and the giggles... It is a messy affair that's for sure but a great way to let of steam and go a bit MENTAL! The after parties are out of this world too! Because La Tomantina has become extremely popular with backpackers, We have put together a 4 day package which combines sight seeing of Valencia, Chill time on the beach of the Spanish coastal town of Peñiscola, parties and of course La Tomatina festival on day three.
Trip Highlights
  •     Expert Tomatina Guide to get you in the middle of the throwing     action
  •     Valencia guided tour
  •     Take on locals and visitors alike in the world's craziest food           fight
  •     Day Trip to the seaside town of Peñiscola
  •     An arranged pre-Tomatina night out
  •     Official Tomatina After Party 

What's included?

  • 3 nights accommodation
  • 3 breakfasts
  • Festival entrance ticket
  • Orientation walk of Valencia
  • Festival party night
  • Return coach to Bunol for Tamatina Festival
  • Afternoon session at the beach
  • Busabout Festival t-shirt and headband
  • Official Tomatina After Party Ticket and transfers

What's not included?

  • Flights
  • Insurance 


Day 1

Today we meet our guide at the hostel for an afternoon welcome meeting. We’ll give you a bit of an ‘orientation’ meeting so you know what will be happening over the next few days. Afterwards, we’ll head out for a little walking tour of Valencia- around Old Town, see some major sights, the main shopping areas, and of course, all the restaurants and bars you should check out! 

Optional Activities:

Find the perfect ‘battle outfit’ in the shops and markets

Check out the City of Arts and Science

 Day 2

Hopefully your hangover won’t be too bad today- but even if it is, today is a nice chill day. Hang out around the hostel, or go on the day trip to Peñiscola with our guide. This really picturesque town has got a pretty rich historic past. There’s also a lot of water-based activities to do, so don’t forget your swimsuit! 

We’ll round off the day with some drinks at a beachside bar/restaurant! 

Meals included: breakfast 

Tour Highlight:

Pre-Tomatina night out 

Optional Activities:

Explore historic Valencia by bike

Visit America's Cup Port Village

Trip to the seaside town of Peñiscola (Day Trip)

Day 3

Drum roll please! The day is finally here! Today we will head down to Buñol, the village where the tomato-infested fight will take place. Our guide will explain the roots of this crazy festival, so you can have a bit more appreciation of it than… well, tomato juice all over you! We arrive early so you get a chance to really get a feel of the village, and of course, pick the best spot to fight from! Locals and visitors alike will be taking part in some other activities as well, including trying to get up a slippery pole to reach the Spanish ham (jamon serrano) placed at the top. This is actually super entertaining don’t miss it! 

The fight is going to start as trucks enter the narrow streets, dropping thousands of big, fat, juicy tomatoes off for people to throw at each other. The fight lasts for about an hour, leaving the town flowing with red tomato juice. Cleaning trucks will then roll in to town, and clean everything, and everyone, down! If you want to try something different, you can also head down to the river and use the shower/water taps provided there. Locals also enjoy the occasional hosing of festival goers as they pass by- you’ll get plenty of opportunity to clean off! 

The recommendation is to get clean before you head back onto the coach back to Valencia! Here there will be some time for some free time- shop, relax, or head to the beach! Tonight, there’s a huge Tomatina After Party with your guide until the sun comes up!

Meals included: breakfast 

Tour Highlight:

Tomatina After Party

Optional Activities: 

Hit the beach!

Day 4

After breakfast, Valencia is your oyster! Go forth and check it out! If you are leaving Valencia with tour, make sure you meet your guide at the Purple Nest Hostel the next day at 1.15pm for the coach headed to Madrid.

Meals included: breakfast