Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires
Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires
Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

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There is no better way to learn Spanish than in an exotic Spanish environment! Gapseekers have a fantastic partnership with many Spanish schools in Buenos Aires, our courses available are suited for all levels, we have group and private Sessions, Spanish with tango, Spanish with business, Spanish with medical school and many more. 
The recommended intensive course aims at developing communicative skills in four main areas: Speaking, reading listening and writing. The Lessons will provide you will contextualized grammar and expose you to the local culture. Homework…Yes you will be expected to complete out of class exercises to reinforce the content of the lessons…not too much though as we want you enjoy your new surroundings and amerce yourself in the culture in every way!

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aries is the capital of Argentina and often a starting city for South American adventures and what a place…! Argentina is a country of many diversities. With its Spanish/European  influences and an edgy Latin American twist. Energy, passion, tango, famous juicy steaks , shopping, nightlife, art galleries that scream sophistication, street cafes…This bustling city will keep you on your toes and get under your skin for all the right reasons. There is always something to do and there are many accessible modes of transport within the city, which makes Buenos Aries an easy-to-get-around city considering the size. Boasts plenty of cultural attractions, with a glimpse of urban cosmopolitan life. Rich in architecture, think of Europe with a twist. Tangos birth place of course!

What's included?

  • Spanish course
  • Spanish level test
  • Welcome package
  • Support and advice
  • Weekly tours and recreational activities
  • End of course exam
  • Course certificate
  • 24/7 Emergency telephone
  • Internet access (free or low cost)
  • Tutorship
  • Coffee, tea,milk, spring-refrigerated water available.

What's not included?

  • Accommodation (See 2nd page for details)
  • Flights (Request a quote)

These courses can be enjoyed from 1 week up to 8 weeks, please contact us on the number below or email ask@gapseekers.com for more information.

Further Information

Typical Course Questions…

How many student per class?

We have rather small groups that range from 3 to 9 students, depending on the location in Latin America. Private sessions are on a one to one basis.

How many lessons per week? 

This course includes 20 or 25 Spanish group lessons, depending on the location.

How long are the lessons?

1 Lesson = 40 to 55 minutes, depending on location.

What is the minimum age required?

16 years old for all regular courses in Argentina and Chile and 18 years old for the rest of the destinations.

What is the minimum duration?

1 week

What levels are available?

Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Levels.

What will the climate be like?

Buenos Aries generally enjoys a pleasant climate. With hot and humid summers, moderate winter temperatures, changeable spring and mid temperature Autumns, there is not really a time not to go to Argentina and is very much an all year round destination. The best time to visit Buenos Aries would be their spring (September- November) and autumn (March- May) this is when the temperature is mild, not too sticky, there are also lots of festivals on in this period as well as sporting events. Winter can be cold, but not freezing.

The nitty gritty…

Available Spanish Courses in Buenos Aires courses 

Our courses start every Monday/55 min. per lesson/max. 8 students per class/material included. The minimum age for this course is +16 for regular courses.

On your first day you will sit a placement test, receive a welcome pack and take a guided orientation walk through the city just to get your bearings. Academic credits are also available

We have many style of classes depending on how you like to learn.

Group and private class combined 

This will be 20 classes per week, plus 5 private classes

Suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced

1 week minimum

Be a culture Vulture and add 8 Tango or Salsa classes for 70USD 

Group lessons

This will be 25 Class per week

Suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced

1 week minimum

Be a culture Vulture and add 8 Tango or Salsa classes for 70USD


Families and Home stay's in Buenos Aires

Due to experience our families know what it is like to be a real hosts. They have had many experiences of students from all different nationalities and ages staying in their home and enjoy having you there. This is truly the best way to learn the language, customs, colloquial phrases etc.

So what will it be like?

Families you may stay with may consist of: Families with children, couples and singles. The room types may be single or shared you will also get Breakfast and dinner or lunch, generally on a half board basis. Typically the home stays we offer in BA are around 20 - 60 mins on public transport from the schools. The internet and laundry would not be included, towels and linen would be cleaned for you once a week. Your arrival day will be every Sunday, however, we can make exceptions so please do let us know.

Hostels and Residences in Buenos Aires

We offer private and shared student accommodation for local and foreign students, sharing a place is a great opportunity to make friends, learn about other cultures whilst learning a new language.

So what will it be like?

You will be living with other foreign students and locals in private or shared rooms, so usually a very social atmosphere. The shared rooms are with 3 or more people and bathroom will be shared, a private bathroom can be requested at a higher price. No meals will be included, however the shared kitchen is available for you to use as well as Cable TV and internet.  Cleaning is included within the price once a week and towels and bed linen will be washed once a week. Your arrival day will be every Sunday, however, we can make exceptions so please do let us know.

Want a private apartment? Please contact us and we can give you some information on this!