Southern Sun, LA to New York - 21 Days
Southern Sun, LA to New York - 21 Days
Southern Sun, LA to New York - 21 Days

Southern Sun, LA to New York - 21 Days

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Talk about fitting in the best of the best of the US of A. Find out what the New York minute is all about, experience the heat rising slowly from the South, and find out how laid back ‘dudes’ really are on the West coast. You will not be stuck for things to do on this awesome trip as we white-water raft, ride horseback, get a-hiking, and of course, experience the infamous nightlife of both Vegas and New Orleans (and everything in between). This is undoubtedly one of the most popular tours, and there is a reason for that!

 Included Highlights

  • Bike tour of Washington DC with a local guide, taking in the Lincoln Memorial, White House, and even the Smithsonian (worth going in!)
  • Get your snaps in of the Walk of Fame on a tour of LA - which superstar matches your foot size?
  • Be amazed at the Red Canyons and the ‘Hanging Gardens’ of Zion
  • We dare you to stick your foot into the (super) cool waters of Lake Powell
  • Tick that sunrise/sunset off your checklist at the Grand Canyon
  • Experience Navajo culture at Monument Valley (scenery included)
  • The musical stylings of Nashville, New Orleans, and even Austin
  • Check out Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis
  • Find out that there are even mountains in the East, and amazing trails
  • Make a spoof of that famous ‘Rocky’ scene in Philly, and get a selfie with the Liberty Bell
  • Feel like a superstar in a super-stretch limo in Vegas

Is this trip for you?

  • This tour is aimed at young international travellers from around the world mainly 18- 39 year olds.
  • This trip will mostly be camping
  • Maximum of 13 people on tour

What's included?

  • All accommodation 
  • Local Guide
  • Transport on the tour
  • Camping gear
  • Some activities

What's not included?

  • International flights - We can help with this! Request a quote
  • Food
  • Insurance - We can help you 

Trip Notes

Day 1-2: Los Angeles & Las Vegas

While you are enjoying the Cali sunshine, we will take a stroll down to Hollywood Boulevard, take in the Walk of Fame, and of course get a snap of the famous Hollywood sign before heading to this little place in the desert called ‘Sin City’… you heard of it before? There is lots to do here, but we start off in style, taking in the Strip in a super-stretch limo and experiencing an all-you-can eat buffet. Maybe head over to one of the ever famous shows of Vegas, or even just people-watch… it doesn’t get any better than right here in Vegas. The people, the hotels with all their crazy signs and magnificent buildings and themes… If that doesn’t satisfy you why not try a helicopter flight down the Strip? Maybe try your hand at blackjack… But shhhh, What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Accommodation: Hotels included in tour price

Day 3: Zion National Park

We head off to Zion National Park, where you can hunt for hidden canyons or hike through the amazing Narrows. But of course, if you want that spectacular view, get on the Angels Landing trail and after what might feel like a grueling hike, you’ll see a 360 degree display of this fabulous park.

Accommodation: Camping included

Day 4: Lake Powell

We leave the desert sitting in its own dust and head for the waters of Lake Powell. You can swim in this beautiful water to get clean, refresh yourself, or maybe just treat it like a beach and get some tanning on in this desert oasis (okay so it’s man made…).

Accommodation: Camping included

Day 5-6: Grand Canyon National Park

For some, the biggest highlight of the whole trip, we stop at Horseshoe Bend before we head towards the proper view of the canyon. You cannot come out west and not actually see the Grand Canyon and experience one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. Make sure you have got your hiking boots on for this one, and of course your camera is needed for the sunrise/sunset hike along the rim. If you are the sporty kind, you should try the ambitious hike down Bright Angel Trail to Plateau Point or maybe catch (another) helicopter flight to get that bid’s eye view.The Grand Canyon is going to be amazing anywhere you explore- regardless what you do it will always be unforgettable.

Accommodation: Camping included

Day 7: Monument Valley

On the road again and off to one of North America’s iconic places, you will recognize them instantly if you love Western classics, or even remakes like the recent The Lone Ranger. There is an optional guided jeep tour of Navajo culture on their reservation. As you take in the buttes and mesas that are the most eye-catching during the day, just you wait till the sun goes to sleep and you star gaze by a campfire. Hmm. Bliss!

Accommodation: Camping included

Day 8: Santa Fe

If you like art, you are going to love Santa Fe. Make sure you head over to Canyon Road, which is filled with art galleries and other treasures. You can buy a Navajo rug or just admire the adobe buildings. Santa Fe is also well known for its food, so make sure you eat properly out here. The charm, the laid-back vibe, and the festivals that make up the busy Santa Fe calendar, will win you over.

Accommodation: Camping included

Day 9: North Texas

The biggest state of ‘mainland’ US (as in, Alaska is still bigger), Texas will make you fall in love… with Texas. We spend a night in Amarillo (like the song), where we will go out for a meal at the Big Texan Steak Ranch (there is a limo in it for you with group bookings)… and it just doesn’t get any more Texas than that. We then take in a bit of Route 66, visiting Cadillac Ranch on the way to Santa Fe for a version of ‘desert art’… mysterious we know!

Accommodation: Camping included

Day 10-11: Austin, Texas

Arriving in Austin means that the beat keeps going, you might not know this yet but you will soon find out how it is also fighting for the ‘America’s capital of music’ title. Austin is actually really artistic and vibrant- even cultural. Live music is easy to find any day of the week, and well… maybe swap your big hiking shoes from the last few days for some dancing shoes. They will be much needed.

Accommodation: Camping included

Day 12: East Texas & Louisiana

After a fond farewell to Texas and its amazing ‘Tex-Mex’ cuisine, but don’t you worry because you get to say hello to Louisiana—gumbo stews, jazz, and basically music heaven.

Accommodation: Camping included

Day 13-14: New Orleans

We hit the ground running in Louisiana,  there is just so much to do If you dare, search for gators on an optional tour through the famous bayous of Louisiana (okay, we said it’s optional but you should probably do it). Then of course we head to the Big Easy & Bourbon Street… in other words, New Orleans. The French Quarter is charming as charming can be, and the original New Orleans Jazz is conserved at Preservation Hall. Make sure you try Cajun food- ever famous, ever amazing. Gumbo, jambalaya… the fabulous food keeps going, if you want more, you can take part in an optional cookery class that will give you the gift of knowledge. Make sure you save yourself for a night out on Bourbon Street, by the way… it will be one of the best nights ever, because like Vegas, what happens here…

Accommodation: Camping included

Day 15: Memphis

Don’t turn off the music - we are about to enter the birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll: Memphis! Since you are here, you might as well drop by Sun Studios, or the home of Rock ‘n Roll (it opened in 1950), many great names have passed through here… pretty epic. You can take in the fantastic atmosphere at Beale Street, and the sheer amount of the most amazing Jazz and Blues will keep you enchanted for hours. If you want to see more than what Memphis music has to offer, it is worth heading over to the National Civil Rights Museum, located in what used to be the Lorraine Hotel (where MLK was assassinated).

Accommodation: Camping included

Day 16: Nashville

They call Nashville the ‘centre of the music world’ for a reason… from Honky Tonk bars to the Grand Ole Opry, bar hopping here is not only tolerated but highly recommended. This place is so full of zest for life, you’ll be on your feet all night! The history of music can be examined at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, which houses the biggest collection of country music EVER! Country music isn’t for everyone but with so many live bands going, there really is something here for everyone!

Accommodation: Camping included

Day 17: Ocoee, Tennessee

Our next stop is the state of Tennessee, we overnight in Ocoee (try and pronounce it… Oh-Coy). In 1996, the world’s first white water event for the Olympics was held here, and it’s been pretty much top-rated since. Remember your life jacket, though, and paddle/bounce along some white waters (this is definitely optional). While the waters are going to be amazing, also remember to take time to look up and enjoy some scenery. If you are not into the whole adrenaline thing, ditch the life jacket and get your hiking boots on instead to check out some cool, cool trails- don’t forget the selfie stick for this one.

Accommodation: Camping included

Day 18: Appalachian Mountains

The views, oh the views! As we pass through Virginia, make sure you are half awake so you can appreciate the beauty of the lush forests of the country. Best don’t hide your hiking boots away for this part because there’s a lot of hiking trails for you to enjoy here, as well as a chance to spy on cougars, deer, black bears, and the great horned owl (tenner for who finds one).

Accommodation: Camping included

Day 19-20: Washington D.C.

Ahh, the capital of the US of A. Cultural, social, and political hubs all rolled in to one. If you want a great intro to the city, head over to the Smithsonian Museum and the Lincoln Memorial. And yes, while there is so much to see, remember that DC is also beautifully green, so take in some parks while you’re at it. And when the sun goes down, check out the nightlife in Georgetown: PRETTY EPIC (we have it on good authority that Adams Morgan is the place to be… or Dupont’s Circle, your choice).

Accommodation: Camping included

Day 21: Philadelphia & New York Area

Come up with your own movie moment with the famous ‘Rocky steps’ of Philly. See the ever-famous Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and definitely tuck in to a Philly cheese steak for lunch. The Reading Terminal Market is also super famous for yummy treats, so maybe you want to stock up on snacks before you head off to NY. The final stop on our three cosy weeks together is New York. We recommend you stay on a few nights to explore this megalicious city. There's the Empire State Building, Fifth Avenue, Times Square… and even Greenwich Village is worth a little visit as you get a sense of the cool New York vibe.

Friendly Advice: While the tour is supposed to end at 17:00, we do ask that you don’t book any flights leaving before 21:00 to be on the safe side. We can also book you any accommodation if you want to stay extra days…Ask your agent!