Whitsunday Tour Packages
Whitsunday Tour Packages
Whitsunday Tour Packages
Whitsunday Tour Packages
Whitsunday Tour Packages
Whitsunday Tour Packages
Whitsunday Tour Packages
Whitsunday Tour Packages
Whitsunday Tour Packages

Whitsunday Tour Packages

Regular price £190.00 GBP

The Whitsundays... Basically the definition of paradise! Gapseekers have a partnership with a team in Aussie that have been providing tours of the Whitsunday Islands since 1985! So they know what they are doing! Choose between Maxi Sail, Adventure Sail, Tall Ships or Deluxe Sail and Cruise options.  No matter whether you are traveling on your own, as a couple or even as part of a large group, we have something for you.

We have all the necessities to make your adventure amazing, right from the very start... our experienced crew will look after you, take care of all the marine and park permits & of course take you to some of the very best places in Australia. You simply cannot travel up the east coast of Oz and not visit the Whitsundays.

Your Typical Tour Activities

During a typical 2 or 3 day tour, along with the Sailing, there will be time to:

  • Snorkel the wonderful island coral reefs filled with marine life
  • Visit the beautiful sand and coral beaches, including Whitehaven Beach and Langford Reef
  • Go for guided island bush walks, including to Hill Inlet Lookout
  • Meet our dive boat called ‘Tornado’ for optional dives
  • Learn basic information about the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
  • Relax and take in the beautiful Whitsunday scenery

Your chance to participate in real sailing:
As one of our guests, you are very welcome to actively take part in the sailing of these magnificent vessels, you may well find yourselves mucking in and helping the crew hoist the sails, trim the sails or why not take the helm! 

Call us on the number below to ask about dates and more details! Or email us at ask@gapseekers.com

Further info

For those of you who are seeking a snorkelling adventure, this is the ideal opportunity for you, grab a mask and off you go!  The Whitsundays is famous for its many coves which are well protected from the  frequent winds and swirling ocean waves.  It is this very protection that helps to promote the growth of many soft Corals like the Coral Fans.  These are very vivid soft Corals that attract an abundance of truly beautiful colourful fish.  Guest will be able to snorkel and see these wonderful sights when we stop at the different bays dotted around these majestic natural islands.
As part of your snorkelling adventure, you can expect to be given a thorough guest briefing by the crew.  For those of you that want the use of flotation devices such as pool noodles ( which are pretty fun) or life jackets maybe for the less experienced swimmer these are always at hand for you to use, allowing you to kick back and relax, soak up the sun and enjoy the sea.  While our guests are snorkelling a crew member or two will always be at hand to assist you getting in and out of the water.    You will be able to swim over to the pristine beaches from the boat as many of our snorkelling locations are just meters from both the Coral reefs and the Beaches.

You can also add on a dive or two to your trip...

Introductory or Certified Diving

Diving the Whitsundays - an opportunity not to be missed!
By taking part in either a Introductory Dive so that you can experience for yourselves what many other people will never get to see, or if you are a certified diver looking to get those few more logged dives under your belt, this is just simply one of the best places on the planet for you to really see the echo system at work.  
Our diving ship is located at the very popular Whitsunday dive locations around Langford Reef, Blue Pearl Bay and the northern end of Hook Island.  If you choose to either do a Certified or introductory dive, all our yachts meet with our dive boat where you will have the option to jump aboard or stay on the yacht to soak up some more sunshine.  
For those of you who have made the decision to explore the deep on a introductory dive, you will be guided with a qualified instructor and enjoy a Dive experience which will last 25 to 35 minutes.
Ask us for a price on the diving trips


What makes this trip even better, is that all your meals are inclusive in this package.  The crew will freshly prepare all meals on the day, this includes breakfast, morning tea, lunches, pre dinner snacks & of course hot dinners. 

Your Typical daily menu will consist of:

  • Breakfast, Cereal, Fruit, Tea/Coffee
  • Morning Tea, Cake, Biscuits Tea/ Coffee
  • Lunch, BBQ with Salads and Breads
  • Afternoon Snack, Nachos or Cheese Platter
  • Dinner, Chicken with Rice, special sauce and Salad
What to Pack 
We suggest guests pack:
  • Swimmers
  • Sarong
  • Beach Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Jacket or Sweater
  • Hat
  • Camera (& batteries)
  • Sandals/Joggers/Thongs.  
Guests are asked to pack in small soft sided bags. Most vessels cannot accommodate large luggage and luggage storage facilities are available in Airlie Beach and also at most accommodation houses.