Work America Programme
Work America Programme
Work America Programme

Work America Programme

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Are you a college or university student and fancy a summer working holiday to the AWESOME U S of A!…? Yes, I thought so! Spend June to September working and living the American dream, earning money as you go whilst gaining international work experience. If you are a uni student or recent graduate and want a summer working adventure, then this Work America Programme is definitely what you are looking for. Afterwards, you will have a full 4 weeks left on your visa to explore America. 

Is this programme for you?

If you have a lust for life and would like to do something a little different this summer, then YES! Overseas work experience looks fantastic on your resume and it really is important to check out other cultures. You will typically work for three months and have the last month to explore the USA solo or with your new found friends. There are often a lot of international workers form all over which really proves for a fantastic social working experience. Most of the jobs on offer will be working in hospitality in restaurants or theme parks or hotel receptions. You could be working in either California, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York or North Carolina. 

Important aspect to note: If you are a university student or recent graduate, this is one of the only chances you will have to get a working visa for the USA. It is very difficult to obtain a visa in the US without being a student, recent graduate or a brain surgeon! So if you are on the fence or umming and ahing take the plunge and go for it! 

What am I paying for?

Before you go

  • Assistance with pre - arranging a job before you depart
  • Your personal Placement Adviser to help you land your dream summer job
  • Placement fee
  • Visa fees
  • Support from Gapseekers and partners before you leave 
  • Work America handbook covering all you need to know about working and living in the USA
  • US resume and cover letter tips 
  • US medical insurance 
  • Exclusive access to the Online Job Zone
  • Certificate of Eligibility (DS-2019) - Essential document needed to apply for your visa and work in the US
  • Comprehensive assistance and advice from experienced staff to obtain your J1 Visa. 
  • US Embassy interview booking guidelines and meet and greet service outside the London Embassy
  • Pre - departure online orientation

In the USA

  • Continued support from our partners
  •  24/7 emergency contact
  • Accommodation (on-site accommodation will be taken out of your US wage)
  • Assistance obtaining Social Security Number and help arranging a US bank   account
  •  SIM Card

What’s not included?

  • Flights (Request a quote)
  • Visa Appointment fee (£100)
  • Travel arrangements to your visa appointment in London or Belfast



  • Must be a university or college student or a recent graduate (if you are in your final year and finish uni in May you will only have until the 15th September that year in the USA)
  • No criminal record
  • Clean medical record (If your doctor gives you the go ahead then you will accepted) 

Application process

Application Process

  •   Register your interest and pay the deposit of £100 to Gapseekers
  •   Phone meeting - chat with one of your Work America team to select your top 3 job   preferences
  •   Upload your supporting documents to your Gapseekers/BUNAC online account 
  •   Pay the remaining balance of your Work America programme
  •   Interview with US employer via Skype
  •   Pre - departure online orientation - Get the low down of everything you need to know 
  •  Fly to the USA!