Your child traveling abroad…

Your child is traveling abroad and you are rightfully concerned.  This is fundamentally a huge step for them and also a pivotal time in their lives and we are here to give them not only the very best in gap year travel but the very best experience that there is to give.

This is a time where they will grow tremendously as a person, they will meet people and join projects and see places that will not only shape them but have a very positive impact on them for the reset of their lives. 

By traveling like this it will encourage our backpackers to think independently and encourage them to make there own decisions, that said we are only a Skype call or a WhatsApp message away form them at all times, we have an emergency contact her in the UK and on most programmes we have twenty-four seven contact with our partners on the ground around the world.

In the planning stages we will have detailed discussions with your child and plan their trip out to to the last detail ensuring they have a structured plan of action to take them through to the last stages of their backpacking experience.

As mentioned just now traveling in this way will give them many befits including growing their confidence, growing their wealth of knowledge be it through a volunteering programme or one of our academic internships or a sense of heightened cultural awareness through one of our popular adventure tours where they will see and learn different parts and aspects of the country’s history and culture.

Is this a good financial investment ?

Of course you are going to ask this. Going on a trip such as this may be considered expensive, however the payback for going on such an epic journey will be monumental in comparison to the cost. One year away traveling is often equated to five years worth of education.  Once your child has traveling experience on their CV or resume it shows employers that they have experience in the world and often gives them an advantage over their competitors in the job market especial if they have one of our internships or volunteering programmes under their belt.

In short going away traveling is nothing but a positive experience for your child and we provide them with all the tools necessary to get them started and stay with them through their trip until they return home.

By traveling our clients ( your child ) will:-

  • Grow their confidence
  • Gain new skills
  • Make life time new friends
  • Give them independence
  • Experience different cultures
  • Pack out their CV and Resumes to give them an advantage in the job hunting field
  • Enhance their education

We will:-

  • Help and guide them in planning out their time away traveling
  • Give them the help and guidance from our team
  • Give them twenty-four seven UK emergency number
  • Give a very personal experience so they get the best from traveling